Bring Back Our Trees



As a response to Super Typhoon Soudelor in 2015 and Yutu in 2018, MINA came up with an idea to have a tree-planting campaign called Bring Back Our Trees (BBOT).



Trees Planted 1,000+
Volunteers 200+
Sites Planted at 14


Pre-Selected Sites

1. Tanapag Beach Park

2. 13 Fishermen

3. Garapan Fishing Base

4. Sugar Dock (Bantalan)

5. San Isidro Beach Park (Laly 4)

6. San Antonio Beach Park (PakPak)

7. Laolao Bay

Additional Sites 8. Micro Beach

9. Gualo Rai Youth Center

10. Kammer Beach, Tinian

11. Chalan Kanoa Youth Center

12. Susupe Beach Park

13. Paupau Beach Park

14. DanDan Homestead Children's Park


How Does BBOT Work?

     The program is federally funded by the Department of Interior from 2018-2020.  Planning and coordination are done by the MINA staff and Tasi Watch Community Rangers.  Partnerships were established with CNMI Forestry and NMC Cooperative Research Education Extension Services, Saipan Mayor's Office and the Department of Fire and Emergency Medical Services.  Throughout the two-year program, watering is done weekly while inventory and height measurements are done twice a year.